Take a look with John Buchanan at the strategies and actions to move
from today to the future. Taking your business to a new level using the Lessons of Sport - How to Create and Maintain a High Performance Team; How to Coach (lead or manage) for success; or have John speak about his knowledge and experiences to your team.


How did we get to the moon? How did the internet begin and how does it all work? How did we create and invent the world as we see it today? And what about tomorrow....?

Lessons of sport into business

The beauty of sport, and why sport is such a valuable source of practical ideas and methods for business, is that sport condenses and compacts a year's business life often into one game - it's people, it's leadership, its decision making, it's culture, it's planning, it's preparation, it's measurement, and its execution.

High Performance Teams

What do SHELL, Toyota, IBM, BHP have in common with the Australian Cricket Team? All these teams or organisations set benchmarks in their respective industries over time - they are High Performance Teams!

Evaluate your team against the world's best; then learn how to take your team to the next level and be a High Performance Team. A strong leadership culture is one of the most crucial elements to become a High Performance team.


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There are almost no teams in the history of world sport that can boast a 75% win ratio over a sustained period of time, to totally dominate ‘their market place’ – the Australian Cricket team did from 1999 to 2007!

Coaching and leadership were critical elements to this success. Get to know the coaching methodologies that John Buchanan used as Coach of the Australian Cricket team for that phenomenal 8 year period – then look at how to implement in your business. Read More


Be treated to a ‘look inside the dressing room’ of the Australian Cricket team and discuss the various aspects of team life such as:

• its captains and its leaders
• dealing with the star players
• staying on top
• dealing with winning and losing
• motivating players and so on...

Whether it be about High Peformance Teams,
The Coaching Process
, or other related topics such as Communication, Decision Making, Leadership, Success Culture, Visioning – John will demonstrate the immense insights from sport which are so applicable in daily organisational life.