See what our clients have to say about our services.

Woollam had the pleasure of working with John as a business coach and facilitator, and we can happily attest to his incredible ability to effectively communicate complex concepts and ideas in an entertaining manner. He is passionate about what he does and has a wealth of knowledge that he is more than willing to share.

John’s coaching sessions were incredibly educational and provided our teams with relevant and practical insights into peak-performance leadership and team building. His approach to coaching is engaging and motivating, and he always goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients get the most out of his sessions.

Overall, I would highly recommend John Buchanan as a business coach and facilitator. If you are looking for an engaging person to improve the performance of your team and learn new skills, then John is the coach for you.

Craig Percival
MD | Woollam Constructions

John facilitated a Workshop in May 2021 for our Group Fleet Managers. The purpose was to generate a mindset of innovation and creativity with the group and provide tips on dealing with pressure and stress. The individuals who attended were asked to bring three roadblocks that created the most headaches or inefficiencies in the operation of their business or were prohibiting them from focusing on important tasks in their dealerships. John was great in helping the workshop groups look at ways to manage or change these roadblocks and look for ways to achieve the right outcomes in their business. Our training session ran from 8.30am-11.45 so for the short amount of time we had I believe all the attendee’s came away with solid plans to take back to their business.

John finished the session with the Everest Leaders Playbook presentation, and we still have some Managers who quote items from this session – in other words it did stick with certain people. Next time round I think we would look for a longer session and aim to have a full day. John was very good to work with leading up to the session and spent quite a lot of time initially talking with us to work out the outcomes we wanted from the training. We would certainly look to engage with him for future sessions.

Margot Knowles
Fleet Relationship Manager | Eagers Automotive Fleet

John Buchanan’s motivational speaking business is truly five stars! As the former coach of the Australian Cricket team, John brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to his presentations. His delivery is both engaging and inspiring, leaving the audience motivated to tackle challenges head on. His unique approach to problem-solving and team building has been life-changing for me and my colleagues. I would highly recommend John to anyone looking to boost morale and drive success in their personal or professional life.

Luke Chappel
GM Cottonseed Olam

John Buchanan is a true inspiration in the world of motivational speaking. As the former coach of the Australian Cricket team, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the stage. His speeches are packed with valuable insights, and his delivery is engaging, dynamic and energetic. I had the pleasure of attending one of his events and was blown away by his ability to connect with the audience. His positive outlook on life and his passion for helping people succeed is truly contagious. I highly recommend John Buchanan for anyone looking for a motivational speaker who will leave a lasting impact.

Michael O’Rielley
Manager Export & Quality | Queensland Cotton Corporation

Contour Consulting Engineers engaged John Buchanan of Buchanan Success Performance Coaching to facilitate a workshop with our team during November 2022.

John began the session by ‘breaking the ice’ with stories around his previous working life, including the many unique characters he has worked and played sport with, and revealed how participating in high-level sport generated similar challenges to corporate business operations. This approach was highly entertaining and encouraged participation from our whole team.

During the workshop, John focussed on the following categories:

  • Vision/Strategy
  • Leadership Culture
  • Learning Environment
  • Talent Management 
  • Success Measures – Metrics and Rewards

Staff were encouraged to provide their thoughts on our business relevant to these categories, and John categorised responses into common themes which then enabled a better visual of the current state of our business, including the areas that required immediate attention.  

John completed the workshop by delivering a scorecard of the above categories, highlighting those areas that he, and our broader group, considered needed the most thought and consideration.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with John and feel confident he has delivered tangible benefits to our staff and to the company as a whole.

We plan to schedule our next session in early 2023 and look forward to reviewing our progress with John.

The Directors of Contour Consulting Engineers

Natalie Barlow
Manager - Service Delivery | Contour Consulting Engineers

“John was the perfect speaker to have at our recent franchisee offsite. John understood our brief and adapted his session to have relevance to our business and objectives, while relating back to his personal experience in life and on the cricket field. Our franchisee feedback was wonderful and we would highly recommend John to others in the future.”

Eve McIntyre
General Manager | Rent The Roo

The Endeavour Foundation Fundraising Team reached out to John Buchanan to be our guest speaker for our inaugural Philanthropy High Tea in The Strangers Room, Parliament House in November 2022.

We found John to be very engaging with our guests and generous with his time. The audience was captivated by his storytelling which included some great cricket stories from yesteryear.

Thanks John for supporting Endeavour Foundation. It was great to have you part of this special event.

Rob Needham
Head of Fundraising | Endeavour Foundation
  • knowledgeable presenter with proven results
  • speaker was excellent, brochure was spot on topic, tempo, agenda and pace was perfect
  • made some good points about running a team
Gabriela Di Francesco
Event Coordinator | CPA Australia Ltd

“I just wanted to write a short note to thank you very much for the opportunity of having you share with us at our GlobalX ‘Christmas in July- function.

The manner in which you shared your insights and observations of people and organisations was impactful and highly relevant, not only to Global as an organisation but to our associates who raved about you at the party afterwards.

Clearly for me, as leader of GlobalX, your way of sharing your experiences without formal presentation made it a very real experience which was why it was highly relevant and received so well by our people
Once again, thank you very much For your deeply relevant and personal message to us.”

Global Information Services

“Hi John,

Your presentation was very well received particularly with regards to your personal experiences with Australian cricket. I listed some comments below that I thought captured the positive feedback from
attendees in response to the question – Was there one part of the seminar that impressed you the most?-

  • I was impressed with the strategies that John uses in his coaching. I think there is a lot that I will be able to take back to the workplace.
  • Guest speaker’s content. 2 years of coaching training delivered in one hour.
  • Bringing a real leader to talk about high performing teams

In summary:
Overall, 92% of respondents rated that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the (a) overall seminar and (b) the content of the presentation.

Thank you again for sharing your personal stories and providing inspiration to our current and future leaders. It was a pleasure working with you.

Kind regards,”

Helene Dyer
Transformational Change Leader | QLD Health

“John was absolutely fantastic in responding to our brief and creating a keynote speech and presentation that was relevant, entertaining and insightful.”

NAB Business Banking Leadership Conference

“On behalf of the partners of Gadens thanks very much for your efforts in assisting John to be able to find time in his busy schedule to join us at lunch yesterday. All those who attended I think felt it was truly a special opportunity to gain some insight not only into the workings of the Aussie team but also into what makes a good coach and a good business leader. The lunch will be talked about here for some time.

Thanks again,

Dan Pennicott
Partner | Gadens Lawyers

“We have received such wonderful feedback from your presentation.
Many, many thanks.
Best wishes”

Melinda Pugh
CEO | Wynnum Chamber of Commerce

“I hope you are well. I wanted to touch base to thank you for presenting yesterday at the Bankwest Connect Series event.

I have spoken with Eve Morris from Bankwest, and received the feedback forms completed by our guests, and all comments are overwhelmingly positive and it was a huge success.

Thank you again, and I will stay in touch for future Connect event opportunities.

Enjoy your weekend.”

Nicole Prendergast

“I would like to once again thank you for presenting at the Executive Sport Management Programme. The programme was a great success and we have received very positive feedback such as:

  • Original and practical.
  • John’s style was very personal. He seemed to engage with us all and spoke about his opinion
    and feelings, not just the facts.
  • Good job.
  • Once again, I enjoyed the personal stories. He was really good with the audience. Manages to give
    them time. Altered his delivery to suit the needs of the audience.
  • His experience and sincerity are great to tap into.

I trust that presenting at the Executive Sport Management Programme was also an enjoyable experience for you and we look forward to your continuing involvement with SKA.


Paul Johnson
Director of Academic Programme Sports Knowledge Australia

I loved John’s discussion re: if it’s not broken don’t fix it, and his recommendation that if it’s not broken, break it. This has always been my theory i.e. one can always make things better. I’ve been challenged for this approach and was encouraged by John to keep striving for improvement. Thank you.

-I was impressed with the strategies that John uses in his coaching. I think there is a lot that I will be able to take back to the workplace
-Guest speaker’s content. 2 years of coaching training delivered in one hour.
-Bringing a real leader to talk about high performing teams

Queensland Health Seminar Participants

“When you first became head coach of the Australian team you organised for me to come and chat during a session of the Adelaide test, then took me through to see the data collection process. The visit was actually really useful as it encouraged me to add something to our pre-Olympic preparations that year (which resulted in the Gold Medal in Sydney) to create specific scouting DVDs on all the top 20 opponents in the world.”

Alexis Lebedew
Coach Education and Development, Manager | Swimming Australia

“Dear John,

Thank you for joining us and presenting to our Business Development team at Binna Burra last week.
Apart from having the opportunity to meet you personally, our team gained valuable knowledge from your presentation. In particular, you will be pleased to know that we have all taken on board your message of ‘high performing’ as opposed to ‘high performance’, and this phrase became a mantra for many of our conference sessions. I was not sure that all of our guys would connect with the cricket background but was surprised how often the phrase “As John said…” started so many comments back to me for the rest of the week.
Your quote from Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ also resonated with our team and reinforced the importance of setting a winning strategy.

Your input was the initiating catalyst for so much valuable work during the week. I sincerely hope that we have the opportunity to meet again.”

Tom Lawson
CEO | Mineral Technologies

“John’s vast experience developing and managing various teams over his career added great value to our mining operations leadership program.

John’s value-add was his ability to provide considered advice to all levels of our mining business, from General Managers setting the strategy and master plans, to middle management and frontline leaders skill building and application. Another of John’s skills was his ability to get us to take an
honest stock of our individual and team strengths and weaknesses, to recognise how these relate to our “peak performance” and how to then create a successful operating model from these insights.

I think the best evidence that you have run a successful coaching program in your business is when years later your employees are still talking about how much value they got out of the program and the tools developed during that time haven’t been replaced by another program, but instead have been continually improved. That’s certainly been our experience from John’s work with us.
I encourage anyone considering a high performance coaching program or business review to discuss their goals with John, I am confident he will add value to your business.”

Jason O’Rourke
EGM | Mineral Resources Ltd

“I have seen many speakers over the years and this was one of the best leadership sessions I have ever seen. So much great content, such interesting stories and real take home value for all of us that manage teams.”

Leanne Howard
Event Organiser | TRET

“The quality of his material and the professionalism of his delivery resulted in delegates rating John as our best ever closing speaker.”

Gerry Morris
CEO | Presenters for Events

“John – just wanted to pass on a huge thanks for making the effort to come up today and speak with our team and business associates. I have been calling in the numbers today to get some feedback for you!
Everyone got real value out of your time. Most commented on was..

Your analysis of what it would take to score 400 runs in an innings was very relevant to us. When you said the team only used 155 out of a possible 300 to reach 350 runs and how that made it easier to accept 400 was in reach was a body punch for us. Today we have been talking about what sections of
our business are actual ‘balls faced’ & and how we can score more runs from the ones we hit and also eliminate the plays and misses.

Can say thanks enough.”

Brett Graham
Director | Ray White Real Estate


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