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“I believe in the power of quality coaching to transform businesses, organisations, teams into a position of dominance in their marketplace. I do this through training and education via keynote speaking, seminars & workshops using my “What’s your Everest” framework which is based on taking what I have learnt in sport as Head Coach of Qld Bulls, Australia and other teams around the world and applying that to business.”

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How will you reach your Everest in the ‘The Great Work Reset’ ?

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Keynote Speaker

John, a highly sought-after speaker, delivers custom-tailored keynote addresses and lectures on leadership, coaching, and peak performance. His presentations are designed to stimulate, educate, and provide practical insights, driving immediate action in the workplace.


Recognized globally for his strategic insights in sports, John inspires and challenges clients to view their worlds differently. This fresh perspective enables them to optimally position themselves and their businesses as market leaders.

Performance Coach

John’s peak performance training extends to leadership and middle management teams. He unlocks their potential for peak performance, using process and sacrificial acts as the foundation for exceptional performance..


What’s your Everest?

Einstein provided his definition of insanity saying it is people or organisations who keep doing the same thing but expect a different result. I totally subscribe to this principle and it is a keystone of my leadership and coaching philosophy – why play the same game as everyone else?

Change the game and be ahead of the pack!

Set yourself up for Success

Each of us face our challenges every day. Some we meet and defeat. Others seem to be impossible. It is often said, the true measure of someone is not how many times you have been knocked down, but that you keep getting back up to go again.

So how do you become resilient?

Winning teams – what sets them apart from the rest?

The ABs talk about the ‘the last man out cleans the sheds’. In Good to Great, Jim Collins talks about great teams having a culture of freedom and responsibility but within a defined framework. Simon Sinek views strong leadership as vital element to teams being successful. Military, business and political leaders that head successful organisations see shared values, accountability, teamwork and a ‘never say die’ attitude as trademarks in their teams.

Leaders dream and DO!

John has been fortunate to have been around many wonderful leaders, corporately, in sport, in education and in society.

He has also been fortunate to be in positions of leadership himself –

– to walk similar paths to those whom have inspired him.


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John Buchanan, celebrated as one of the most successful international sports coaches in history, leverages his background to translate the profound insights of peak performance in sports into victorious behaviors and actions in the business world.


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