The Role Model Game – A short followup

Everest Approach

If you had missed my post on the Role Model Game which discusses the term ‘Shark Attack syndrome’ alongside the recent Titans and Karmichael Hunt cocaine cases, here is the link –

I was then interested to read Matthew Dunn’s (Senior Lecturer in Public Health at Deakin University) post which reinforced many of the comments in my article.

He was able to draw from his research and statistics available to demonstrate that while sport is not immune, and indeed some of the research methodology can be improved, ‘shark attack syndrome’ does exist for sport – see link to Matthew’s post


I do think without the benefit of strong data behind my statements, that in the main, sporting organisations do a better job at trying to educate, identify, rehabilitate and support their athletes in the continuing fight to repel drug usage, than most businesses do for their staff.

Unfortunately, or fortunately as you would have see the issue, sport is on the backpages daily, and sometimes front pages. Those who occupy this space are our elite sportsmen and women.

Whatever they do, say, or socially mediatirise is open for inspection by the public and a voracious media which is not always inclined to provide a well balanced and well researched report or column.

There are many more role models in society than just sporting elite – start at home first.

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