The first 2 steps to be undertaken post-MOU

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While there is plenty to be done to complete a workable 4 year MOU between CA and ACA, it will get done – nothing surer. It is a necessity for both organisations.

Beyond signing the new agreement, what are some of the outcomes?

My business, Buchanan Success Coaching is about creating Peak Performance teams and organisations. This means that a business small or large, sport or corporate, continually look to change the game through innovation, process and system; set new benchmarks for the pack to chase.

There are many facets which contribute to maintaining such a state like vision, quality stewardship, leadership culture, talent to name some.

These are built on a solid foundation, what I term Base Camp – a set of lived values.

The current pay dispute once settled will need to clearly revisit key values such as trust, responsibility, accountability, selfishness if CA want to pursue being the market leader they profess to be.

Trust is all about “I’ve got your back” – no matter what the situation, one person, one group can totally rely upon the other for support, help or whatever is needed.

Responsibility is all about “Yes, I did or said something” – simple

Accountability is all about “ I accept the consequences of my actions and behaviours” – the consequences could be good or bad pending what has been done, and the impact upon self and others

Selfishness is all about “My needs and wants are far more important than those around me” – as opposed to selflessness where I always put others first

The ugly public comments by CA, ACA officials and certain players has shaken the ‘trust’ relationship between both organisations to the core. Unless this issue is addressed immediately, there will be a cancerous underbelly between all playing groups and offialdom.

All those at the centre of negotiations must take responsibility for the current fractious state between both parties. Apportioning blame does little but point fingers at others, while ignoring personal contributions to the breakdown in negotiations

Once the MOU is signed, certain individuals from CA and ACA must be held to account for what has occurred. This does not mean a witchhunt or finding scapegoats. This means that individuals who have been involved in the process acknowledge their role, their decisions and consequences that have flowed from their involvement. Accountability is a strength of good leaders and leadership.

The MOU has simply been about how much money players should get. And while there has been some minimal offerings from both sides on helping grow and support the game, as well as player welfare, these run a long second to the income of elite players firstly, followed by all other contracted professionals. Declaring an increasing % of funding to grassroots expenditure to 30% over the next 4 years would be a tangible start to a less selfish approach.

If CA which includes its players union, the ACA, want to maintain that it is a peak performance organisation – one that dominates the Australian sporting landscape, and is the envy of other sporting organisations around the world, then it needs to seize the opportunity that this MOU has provided.

The opportunity lies in clearly demonstrating these values that are the very foundations, the Base Camp for peak performance are being lived on a daily basis.

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