SuperBowl and the Coach

SuperBowl and Pete Carroll accountability

What an amazing game, or should I say what an amazing last couple of periods of play!

Without going into detail, as there is so much detail in a sporting contest. There are so many plays that come off or don’t. There are so many decisions made that are good or not good. There are so many skills that are executed well or not well. There are so many refereeing decisions that go your way or don’t. And of course, for each of these extremes there are lot of variances in between.

As a consequence of all these scenarios played out by athletes, coaches, and referees, a game will take many twists and turns as it winds its way to a conclusion. Sometimes this conclusion will be anti-climactic. Other times such as Super Bowl XLIX, the twists and turns brought the drama to what turned out to be the last play of the game – winner takes all. Make the play, and you are heroes forever. At least to those who supported you.

Well Coach, Pete Carroll called a play that he and his coaching staff believed would bring the Seahawks their second SuperBowl in a row.

It looked for all money the pass would find its mark to Russell Wilson till unheralded Patriots defender Malcolm Butler intercepts on the touchdown line to win the game.

Countless media calls, media and public scrutiny have called the decision to make this play, one of the worst in Super Bowl history.

Whether it was the worst decision or not is very problematical.

What Seahawks Head Coach, Pete Carroll said in post-game analysis was that he trusted his players, he trusted their training, he had trusted in everyone’s judgments throughout the season – so he backed them in being able to execute this final play.

It was his decision and he sticks by what he chose to do in those final seconds.

Good coaching, and especially High Performance coaching, requires calmness and composure under immense forces all potentially causing emotional or scrambled decision making.

Good coaching, and especially High Performance coaching demands full accountability.

It seems to me Pete Carroll performed both, and not just in the final moments, but throughout the game, and throughout the season.

To do so requires a complete understanding of how you coach, what is your philosophy, what are your key principles and values…….and then sticking to them, no compromise!

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