Shane Warne stays true to his brand, but shows he has little understanding of coaching

Art Skill Mindfulness

It was interesting to watch and listen to Shane on this interview.

Ashes WarneIt did remind me of my time as coach of the Australian cricket team.

My role as coach was to always try to get the best from each of us as people, and then combine these skills, talents, attitudes, and desire to win into consistent high performance.

As a coach, there are many challenges. As a business leader, it is similar.

One of the biggest challenges for both roles is managing/leading/coaching people.

And put simply, the hidden key is relationship building.

Sport coaches, or sport managers have the advantage over business leaders in that he or she lives with their athletes, their support staff virtually daily, especially when a team or squad travel together. As a consequence, the coach has the opportunity to observe, intervene, formally and informally meet with each and every one of their group, generally at a time and location of their choosing.

The good coaches make sure that this is occurring regularly.

The good coaches also realise that some relationships will be closer than others for a whole range of reasons; but nonetheless a relationship exists. In the cases where the relationship is not ‘close’, the coach will be very selective about the quality moments he or she has with this person. At the same time, these moments will be well and truly complemented by ensuring that other people within the group with whom the coach has a ‘close’ relationship, become conduits or bridges of communication, information flow, relationship building.

Baggy GreenSuch people who build bridges in a team are key ‘connectors’ for the total group and serve a very important role in the development of team culture, team values, team standards and as a direct outcome, team performance.

It was in these areas of team culture, values and standards that Shane Warne and Michael Clarke never quite understood. And certainly did not understand the vital role that a coach plays in not only maintaining, but also continually challenging the team environment to be better, day in day out.

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