Kevin Pietersen: Batsman could ‘tear apart’ England

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Here is an interview I had with BBC Radio through the week about Kevin Pieteren and a link to the full story.

Bringing back Kevin Pietersen could “tear apart the fabric” of the England team, according to Australia’s most successful coach John Buchanan.

Pietersen, sacked in February 2014, has joined Surrey in a bid to win back his England place after encouragement from new English cricket boss Colin Graves.

But Buchanan thinks the batsman’s return could be “destructive”.

“A decision was made for good reasons,” he told BBC World Service. “Leadership is about sticking by that decision.”
Buchanan also likened Pietersen – who is targeting a place in England’s team to face Australia this summer – to a “child” who is determined to get his own way.


John Buchanan


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