Everest Approach

The vision of Everest allowed me to constantly define ‘base camps’ such as targets for the year, for a season, for a game, for a person. But the salient features of ‘Everest’ were the most powerful as to conquer ‘Everest’ required values such as courage, determination, never give in, teamwork; it required the best available systems of communication, training, planning including contingency options; the assault would be made by technically, physically, mentally and tactically skilled people; and it required risk taking with no guarantees of being successful.

The ‘base camps’ which were measurable showed us whether we were on track.

There must be a vision for the team or the organization which is constantly challenging everyone within the team to strive to better themselves. I used ‘Everest’ as my symbol.

Establish the specific Leadership culture –

  • A powerful leadership culture is built on three components:
    • The leader who must light the way and consistently walk the walk, talk the talk
    • Everyone is a leader – which means that everyone takes responsibility for their decisions, and everyone wants to make quality decisions for the rest of the team
    • Leading edge systems and processes – people will always be supported by systems and processes, and if these are at, or aim to be at what is currently regarded as the world’s best, then a leadership culture becomes a very potent force for the team and organisation


  • Gain, grow & retain the ‘right people’. The ‘right’ people consist of the people with the necessary skills to help the organization achieve its vision, but there are three other vital ingredients –
    • Character – this is the person who brings selflessness to the group; who values team above individual needs; and who has the courage to express his or her character through actions and deeds
    • Difference – a high performance team needs different characters, different personalities, different skill sets, and different backgrounds. Difference brings about conflict which if managed correctly by team leadership is a very healthy and constructive process to assist with the journey to ‘Everest’
    • Game changer – to be a high performance team, there is no doubt that this cannot be achieved without incredibly skilled individuals, and amongst this array of talent, there will be those who are regarded as ‘game changers’ – they can do things at critical times that others cannot. The ‘game changer’ is one who sometimes can win games by their skills alone, or at least, put the team into a position to win.


  • Continual improvement & assessment of the ‘journey’ If a business is not profitable, or gaining market share, then there are questions to ask. Many a time these are mistaken for measures of PROCESS where in fact they are simply a sub-set of RESULTS.
    • The High Performance team always seeks to dig deeper into
    • The organization or the team or the individual within either have KPIs or targets to reach.
    • There is no doubt, that in sport and in business, RESULTS matter. If a team is not winning, then there are questions to be asked.
    • what gives an individual or a team best chance to win?
    • when the team wins or an individual is playing well what is it that they are doing?
    • The basic checklist of procedures, processes, and actions, that if delivered to the expected standard, then the team or individual will be in best position to succeed.

It is this thinking and approach which drives the 5 elements or pillars to High Performance.


After taking this journey to High Performance what can you expect?

  • A clear picture of where you want to take your team and how best to achieve your ‘Everest’
  • An understanding of how a strong leadership culture can drive improved success in your business and team
  • A more robust HR support system which will not only provide better support to individuals within a team or business; but will also provide the business leaders with a more accurate performance management approach

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