Business Leaders in Customer Service

Leaders in Customer Service

Sochi soars for QANTAS

Everyone is a Leader in Customer Service on QF 609

What happened this morning?

Sitting in an exit row, Sochi, our Qantas flight attendant had the task of getting the attention of 12 sleepy, uninterested passengers in the regular safety spiel.

What did she do?

  • Beautiful warm smile to everyone
  • A happy good morning that showed she wanted to be here, and she wanted us as passengers to begin their day well
  • Sochi looked at everyone to gain their attention and without raising her voice, a couple of gentlemen(?) who had earphones on or were more interested in texting on their phone were drawn to her warmth
  • She then went through the procedures, and as soon as she noticed someone tuning out, she slowed down, and waited for them to come back into the conversation
  • She looked passengers straight in the eye, but with a welcoming look
  • She made sure she covered off the details, and made sure that the details were part of everyone’s early morning prior to departure
  • Sochi then thanked everyone for their attention, as she had maintained close attention to the detail of the safety procedure for the exit row

What can we learn from Sochi?

  • Everyone is a leader in a high performance team
  • No matter how routine and how rude your customers can be, a warm smile and a happy welcome can be quite disarming for those who do not want to participate
  • Do not lose eye contact with your customer
  • But eye contact, along with other personal skills such as a smile, welcoming body language, and a verbal communication tone should convey to the customer, the staff and the company care
  • Whether Sochi likes her job or likes having to provide the mundane safety routine, there is no way that a customer would know
  • The passengers have been made special even for the most basic part of flying

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