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The blog section provides the reader with insights to business and life through the lens of sport, principally cricket. The articles are written to promote discussion, debate and commentary.

Leave Your Legacy

Leadership is to Leave Your Legacy

During my time as Coach of the Australian Cricket team, I had the absolute privilege to meet some of the world’s most honoured leaders – from the Queen, to Prime Ministers and Presidents, to CEO’s and Board members of large global corporates, to religious  leaders and of course to internationally…
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Peak Performance Team

Be the Market Leaders over the Long Term

If I asked you to suggest some names that might occupy the title of a team, a business, an organization that is a market leader, a peak performance team, pending on your location and experiences some names would be Microsoft, Apple, Google, Walt Disney, Mercedes, The Beatles, the Bolshoi Ballet,…
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everyone should read

Be Your Own Best Coach

When I talk with people, business, sport or life, and ask them  – ‘..can you recall when you had a great day at work? Or what was a  project or a match or a task that you completed and felt that that was the best you could do?’ Most people…
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Do answers to the performance management revolution lie in sport?

Over the past 5-10 years, business and large corporations have been revisiting the best ways to manage staff and develop their people as one response to the changing demands on the organisation. These changing demands are internally driven by the so-called generation “x” and “y’s” , the fading numbers of…
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coach that team

As a Coach

As a coach, businessman or parent, your role as trying to make yourself as ‘redundant’ as possible. The concept of being redundant is part of the total philosophy, and connects directly with creating a learning environment and knowing the whole person. My goal as a parent is to gradually have my children educated academically and…
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Leadership is about framing the problem

Looking at the issue with a different perspective – what was it that made me look at cricket from a different angle that departed from traditional coaching, for example computer technology? Applying for the role as Coach of the Queensland Bulls in 1994 was a watershed moment in my life. My initial…
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Create your game plan for sustained success

Part of being able to sustain success is to create a Game Plan for enduring success based on 5 pillars – 1)      Vision and overarching strategy – When I started with the Australian team I told them we are going on a journey to ‘Everest’ together. I did not know what…
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Resolutions or resolve for 2017?

How many New Year resolutions will you make on the night of the 31st December? And more importantly, how may will you keep…..? When coaching the Australian cricket team at this time of the year, we would have completed a Boxing Day Test match in Melbourne and then head to Sydney…
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Australia Test Series

Business can learn from the current India-Australia Test series

Technology in all its forms is transforming sport, business, the world. However, some technologies deliver unintended consequences which are not beneficial to the business. The use of a technology and a player review system call DRS has been at the centre of controversy in the current India- Australia Test series…
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Young Mountain Climber

5 tips to get your team members to buy into change

Change is always present in sport, business and life. But unless as individuals we can understand what the change is, and how it will affect or impact me, then we will resist. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t. As a new coach brought into the Australian…
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disruptor not the disrupted

Be the disruptor not the disrupted

Be the disruptor not the disrupted. Don’t feel snowed in, catch what can be fielded from business and sport. The digital world is exciting but it seems to be overpowering – we are just snowed in!   Well part of this new digital world came to Brisbane recently sponsored by…
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To maintain the Rage

5 FACTORS TO MAINTAIN THE RAGE There are 5 factors which give a team leader the best chance of delivering peak performance consistently and constantly.   1 BE CLEAR ON VISION My coaching philosophy has led me to challenge the way things have always been done. So, in terms of…
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Online Programs

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